The perfect blow-dry: hair-drying tips the salons don’t want you to know

Blow dry disaster

Does your hair looks completely different when you dry it compared to when it is dried in the salon? Find out what the professionals do to get the perfect blow-dry and the best hair dryers we’ve reviewed for a salon-perfect finish…

  • Preparation – A good blow dry starts with some prep. Once you have got out of the shower, use a towel to blot strands, and then spritz your hair with a volumising spray. Make sure you concentrate on the areas where you want added lift and body.
  • Dry your hair in pieces – Do you currently blast your hair with the dryer until the wetness has disappeared? This is a big mistake. You should section your hair into pieces, as this adds shine and shape. Start from the bottom and finish with your crown.
  • Use your concentrator nozzle – When blow-drying your hair, the narrow nozzle can be a dream! It produces faster airflow for a more polished look. These nozzles are ideal for dealing with curly, wavy, and frizzy hair, as well as drying fringes. The wider nozzles are great if you want to dry your hair as quickly as possible, but for a sleek and salon perfect look, you need a narrow nozzle.  
  • Invest in a good mousse – There are so many reasons why mousse is the ultimate hair product. Most importantly, it will protect your hair from almost all kinds of heat damage, which is pivotal during a blow dry. It is also really easy to apply, as it comes in many different forms, and it is the only way to achieve celebrity-worthy volume. And, for those with curly hair, mousse is the only way to ensure it stays curly and does not go frizzy!  
  • Cold blasts – If there is one part of the hair dryer that is neglected, it is the cold button. A lot of people wonder what the button is doing on the hair dryer to begin with!  Well, if you want a long-lasting hairstyle, the cold blast button is a must. This is because hair sets when it is cool. So, if you blast cool air through your finish style, it will help to set it in place. Manufactures don’t just add this button for the fun of it; it is there for good reason, push it!
  • Finish with a gloss spray – To get that salon perfect sheen, add a glossing spray once you have finished blow-drying your hair.
  • Invest in one of the best hair dryers available in the UK