Good Sleep Advisor

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After a decade advising on how to get the best night’s sleep, answering readers’ questions on not just pillows and duvets but many sleep issues, we decided to use our experience and launch a website specialising in all things sleep.

Good Sleep Advisor examines sleep problems and sleep disorders in more depth than either Pillow Advisor or Duvet Advisor. New writers contribute health, medical and well-being experience to provide our readers with more concrete advice on getting a better night’s sleep. Our core product specialism keeps current with what works and what’s new in the sleep market for essential consumer recommendations.

Our aim is to cover the most significant sleep concerns for our readers and their families; from sleep training babies to toddler night terrors, mid-life stresses, insomnia or hormonal changes, to helping the more senior be comfortable in bed.

This new blog-style site format of Good Sleep Advisor ensures that advice remains at the heart of what we do. Recent posts include looking at how sleep apnea treatment has been used in the fight against Covid-19, how to sleep train a baby, and the best ways to relax with a specially designed guided meditation routine. Research released around World Sleep Day continues to interest and this year sleep and health were key topics for our writers. Ever important guides such as ‘How to stop snoring’ keep readers informed and supported.

Whilst regular posts focus on general sleep advice, product recommendations are relevantly embedded to provide useful solutions to common problems. Whether they are natural sleep aids, high tech sleep apps, bedding or anti-snore devices, we aim to share the best sleep products to help everyone’s sleep.